Our Story

Real Food, Real Ingredients, Really Convenient...  This is the focus of the handmade products available at The Sweet & Spicy Life, and always will be!  Convenient food products that contain only real food, and are made without preservatives, fillers or weird ingredients. 

My personal food journey was motivated by my own health issues several years ago, and has resulted in weight loss and an improvement in Autoimmune conditions through the Keto diet. When my son was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and Bipolar Disorder, I felt that food could play a significant role in helping his symptoms as well. Eventually, after trying a Paleo type diet, we found stability for him with the Keto diet as well. ⁠

Each product you find at The Sweet & Spicy Life is the same product I make for myself or my family, and stock in my own kitchen. As a single parent, I know time can be very limited and there is a need for convenience products that contain only real food. So, I started The Sweet & Spicy Life to create clean products, designed to make preparing a whole foods based meal or treat simple and convenient. 

My mixes were created - and perfected - with the help and feedback of family and friends, who have taste tested every product. I am confident that you will enjoy each and every one. Not only do they taste great, they are good for you and contain only real food!

From my kitchen to yours, enjoy!
Nichole Hockersmith, Owner