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Keto | Paleo | Whole 30 - Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Sugar Free | Corn Free 

If you love garlic, are missing bread and following a Keto or low carb need this mix! Not only is this mix made of simple and clean ingredients, they are easy to make, taste amazing and even freeze well if you want to watch portions and have some on hand for later!

A coconut flour based, gluten free and dairy free baking mix that is naturally low in carbs, full of flavor and nothing artificial!


BAKING MIX INGREDIENTS: organic coconut flour, roasted garlic granules, dried parsley, cream of tartar, baking soda, sea salt

INGREDIENTS YOU ADD: eggs, milk of choice, butter or coconut oil, shredded sharp cheddar cheese


** Each mix makes approximately 16 SERVINGS.

** Nutritional Information is calculated for the dry baking mix only.