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Keto | Paleo | Whole 30 - Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Low Sodium

This soup is pure, creamy, comfort food in a bowl and is now Low Carb and Keto friendly! A savory soup option, filled with cooked chicken or turkey, cauliflower, carrots and peas in a creamy soup base. Cooking directions offer both dairy - and dairy free - options!

This dried soup mix is packed full of veggies and flavor from clean spices and herbs - nothing artificial and no added salt! Easy to make and flexible so you can make it to suit your personal taste and diet preferences. Simply dump everything in your crockpot or soup pot, add the ingredients you want, and let it cook. No chopping or dicing is needed! This mix does not contain any beans or grains, and is made with gluten free ingredients.

Serve warm, and drizzle with a flavor infused olive oil to boost healthy fats.

Following a Vegetarian or Vegan diet? No need to add meat to this soup, or substitute with your favorite meat alternative, and use vegetable broth.


SOUP MIX INGREDIENTS: dried cauliflower, dried green peas, dried carrots, dried celery, dried onion, roasted garlic granules, sage, thyme, rosemary

INGREDIENTS YOU ADD: chicken or turkey, chicken broth, milk or unsweetened milk alternative, salt and pepper (Optional:  shredded cheese)


** Each mix contains all of the vegetables and spices you need to make a delicious pot of soup, and will make approximately 10 (1 Cup) SERVINGS.

** Nutritional Information is calculated for the dry soup mix only.